Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Involuntary Noises When Sleeping

QUESTION: I too have been having the same problem as two others I've seen on your site & I wanted to know if you've heard of anything else about this since you've been asked this question (other than vaporizer):

I have similar symptoms to the poster who said: "When I am either sleeping or just at the stage when I am falling asleep, I make involuntary vocal noises, kind of like a "uh", which are usually done at my normal speaking volume."

Unlike this poster, I wake up when I hear the sound. It is like I am saying, "hmm" but it is not a long drawn out sound like when someone says "hmmmmm". This started a few weeks ago. I have also had a terrible problem with coughing and throat spasms, so I wonder if they are related.


ANSWER: If you are having throat spasms it could be that you have gastric reflux or a cold, etc.  I would sleep on more than 1 pillow elevated. If this persists and you notice you awaken in your sleep coughing or choking it could be sleep apnea, go to sleepnet.com click on disorders sleep apnea, however from what you are saying it sounds more like you are having a cough or cold, or other breathing difficulties if the cough persist it could be the beginning of asthma or emphysema or simply gastic reflux,feel free to email again karel

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Oops sorry - The last like I copied was not accurate.. All else was..  I have a cough and a bit of a stuffed nose since it started.. but no throat spasms.

Does that change anything?

This noise is freeking me out. I hear it - but don't feel it coming out of my mouth! It wakes me up just as I am about to fall asleep.  

Thanks so much!  

You should try sleeping with a cold air humidifier, they sell a pediatric one in local drugstores put out by vicks its under 30 dollars, fill with cold water at night and put a tablespoon of salt  in the water and change every night.  place in room at night and close the dorr, the salt will help the cough. it sounds like a tugboat but works, if all else fails consider seeing your doctor .feel free to email again karel